Coming up: Education

I have had some thoughts on education I am going to voice pretty soon. But before I taint you with my opinions I would ask you to share your views on the education you have received and what its benefits and flaws where or are.


Thank you.

Keep tolling the bell.


2 comments on “Coming up: Education

  1. Leah says:

    Teachers are underpaid here in the US. i know that’s a general statement but it has large implications. Also there is the fact to consider that children’s brains grow more quickly than adults but high quality education is not generally found within public elementary schools. Classism is something to consider when discussing education because quality college education can only be had by those who qualify for financial aid or whose families can afford it (or those who take out loans they have to repay for the rest of their lives).

  2. Fiona.q says:

    good thing: a great chance to be together with other people/friends
    bad thing: i just feel the education system today is likely to teach you how to criticize things, at least in China. my personal feeling.

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