Learning and Education – Part 3: University, the state of things

The state of german universities is scandalous to say the least. Where to begin…

Most university buildings I have seen where in a state of disrepair. The walls had cracks, the paint was flaking off and the wooden pews creaked loudly. During the summers it got unbearably hot and in winter the lecture halls where freezing. The only subversion was the newly built physics wing in Göttingen. All other buildings fit that bill on at least two or more (mostly all) points. The quality of education is pretty good. If you can get it. Courses are often booked out semesters in advance. There are long waiting lists even for required courses and it can happen that some of your credit expires while you are waiting for that one slot.

Now, university used to be free in Germany. I know that the 500 euros we pay per semester are laughably little in comparison with US college fees. But it used to be free, and the now payed money has not gone to improve conditions as it was supposed to. Instead it was squandered for filling budget holes elsewhere.

Lots of students find that very frustrating and there is opposition against it so now we are at a crossroads. Which path should we take?

to be continued… 

Keep tolling the Bell


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