Hi Folks,

As you might have realized The Midnight Bell has not been tolling for a while. That was because I was doing what was wrong for the right reasons.

I was focusing on my career as an advertising copywriter, so I stopped writing recreationally for a while. In the End it turns out that writing copy for my current company just won’t work out for many reasons. one of which is very probably me. Me and the things I need.

I need a strong team to be creative, I need to love my topic to write on it and I need to know why the fuck I am doing something which is clearly against a clients best interest just because the client says so. In absence of all these things my former talent has waned. So now I find myself not only out looking for a job once more, but also questioning my choice of profession and, which is the most annoying: my talent.

What keeps me happy these days was putting together my Portfolio and realizing how good I used to be. How well I could think and write when the circumstances permitted it.

If I have learned anything from this, it is that I have been going at things the wrong way for the last year and a half. I believed that making clients happy would make me happy, when it is really the other way around. If I am happy, so will be my clients. Because, at least in my case quality comes with happiness, and that really is what clients are looking for.

I need to relax, unclench, stop procrastinating, because procrastinating means that you really don’t like what you should be doing. In the end you can never force yourself to be happy. but if you look long enough and hard enough, know what you want and listen to yourself, happiness will find you.

I also became dishearted when I started this Blog and only got three reads a day, but you know what? No more! I am writing this for myself now, to do something great for me. to put something into this world creatively that is worth your and my Time.

I might be out on the market again, looking for a new job but I don’t sweat it. I might not end up being a copywrighter, but if I end up loving what I’m doing it’s all for the best.


Welcome back dear Readers. I might not be doing as much politicking as I used to, but I am writing again. Let’s see where it takes us.

If you read this I love you.

Benjamin aka The Midnighttoller


Am I a Patriot?

As a german citizen i have an ambivalent attitude toward patriotism. I love my country, I love the countyside, its many quaint cities, the urban untamedness of Berlin and foremost I love the people. But am I proud to be a German? No. I have done nothing to be a german. I was born german. How can a person be proud of something he or she did not accomplish? I never served in the army, I am not a politician or a journalist, I am not an innovator. How can I be proud? Do I have the right to be proud? Thing is: I want to be proud, but I do feel that it is a right one has to earn. That is one reason why I started to blog. I want to help shape this nation, become part of the political discourse. And I feel, that if through writing I can get only one more person to vote their concienence or better one persons view of Germany, I can be a little more proud.

I am not proud to be german any more that I am proud to be a human being, but I am damn glad.

So who can be proud of being a German citizen? I’ll tell you my opinion: All the Turks, Greeks, Italians, Albanians, Morrocans and indeed all imigrants that came here to seek prosperity. They left their own countries, their families and friends, because they believed germany was better for them. A country that has not welcomed them with open arms. A country whose Wirtschaftswunder (economic wonder) was built on cheap imported labor of the “Gastarbeiter” (guest worker). They can and should be proud!

I respect immigrants a great deal for making this country what it is today, and for chosing my home over theirs.

That said, I believe I am a patriot, but not of the conservative lot, who believes everything should stay as it is, or longs for the “good old days”.
I wish and hope the best for this nation and the people who help to build it and further its cause. I want to be part of it and stand by it. I vote and I excercise my right to free speech. I keep an open mind and I share my opinion with others. Yes I am a patriot, but not in the way most people think of patriotism.